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      Join our fight against fast fashion!

      Join our fight against fast fashion!


      It is so easy to go to the wardrobe and choose our perfect outfit for the day, and leave the house not thinking much more about it.

      The same as when we are in our favourite shop, searching the rails looking for a new top for a night out, a new holiday wardrobe or just a new addition to our collection.

                                                                                                                                          Vivienne Westwood buy less choose well slogan    

       These wise words by Vivienne Westwood

       make it simple

       to get involved

       in the drive to slow fast fashion. 

       Image by @wehearit.com



      Is it really that bad?

      The UK based charity WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) estimate that £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfills each year, and a staggering £30 billion worth of unused clothing is still sitting in our wardrobes nationwide (WRAP, 2018). This level of waste is enough to fill 459 Olympic-size swimming pools (Clothes Aid, 2013).

      How can you help?

      Stop icon


      The next time you are in a shop browsing the latest items, stop and ask yourself the following questions:

      Do I really need this?
      Do I already have something in my wardrobe that is already perfect?

      If you can answer either of these questions simply walk away knowing you've done your bit to slow down fast fashion.


      In the UK the average lifetime for a garment is estimated at 2.2 years, and extending the life of such a garment by just 9 months can significantly reduce its environmental impact (Wrap, 2018).


      Whilst the world of fast fashion is huge, everyone can play their part by doing these simple things:

      • Donate your preloved items you no longer want rather than throw them away to allow them to be re-sold and re-loved
      • Shop second hand when you can, or organise a clothes swap with some of your friends
      • Buy quality overt quantity. Spending a little more on something will generally mean it will have a longer life n your wardrobe.
      • Re-shop your own wardrobe. Mix & match existing items to create new and exciting outift. Adding a jacket, a belt, a scarf or layering can completely change the look a single item.



      by Alice Canning @ Groundsure

      Why sustainable fashion matters

      Why sustainable fashion matters

      Over the years we have become a throwaway society, and without exception this includes fashion.

      With fast fashion retailers opening retail units across the country, this has added to the issue by making disposable clothing more accessible. In addition to this, the world of online shopping has taken accessibility of fast fashion to another level.

      Over the years, we have been building towards a tipping point, which we have now tilted over, whereby fashion suited to the current fad and designed to be worn for the current trend and then sent to landfill, has overtaken the desire to purchase items made with sustainable fabrics and designed to last multiple seasons and trends.

      We now have a huge problem whereby our landfills are swamped by fast fashion items which will take up to 200 years to decompose.  

      "It is important for consumers to think about how their purchase affects the environment, the lifecycle of their garment, and how to invest in clothes that last longer." Amanda Cutler, Forbes Magazine

      However, we are now at an exciting crossroads with fashion. We are at the point where sustainability is important to people and ranks higher for most when it comes to making a purchase. Whilst people may not have been purchasing items to wear multiple times in the recent past, they are now looking at making a contribution to reversing this cycle.

      This is where access to good quality secondhand clothing and accessories comes in.

      Click below to read out the full article.