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      Welcome to the home of the FAQ we get asked form our customers.

      Not to worry if you can't find what you're looking for, simply CLICK HERE to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

      What categories are accepted?

      We love most things pre-loved and therefore accept a range of different items.

      Please review the list below to see which categories we currently accept.

      • Women’s Clothing & Accessories

      • Mens Clothing & Accessories

      • Childrens Clothing & Accessories

      • Books

      • CD's, DVD's & Vinyl

      • Computer Games

      What are classed as accessories?

      We accept the following accessories

      • Bags

      • Belts & Braces

      • Purses & Wallets

      • Scarves

      • Shoes

      • Ties & Pocket Squares

      • Brooches & Pins

      • Caps & Hats

      • Sunglasses

      • Jewelry

      • Watches

      What sizes of clothing are accepted?

      We accept all sizes of clothing 

      What categories do you not accept?

      If you ever have any questions whether we accept an item, please get in touch! 

      • Non-clothing items: toys, books, sports gear, etc

      • Sleepwear, Underwear, Nightwear

      • Illegal or counterfeit items

      • Altered items

      • Items without sizes or labels

      • Damaged items 

      • Electrical items

      • Furniture

      • Bric-a-brac

      What quality should my item be?

      • Like-new secondhand clothing in excellent or good condition

      • Items that are clean

      • New items that still have their tags attached

      • High-quality High Street labels and Designer brands 

        What type items should I not send?

        • Items showing signs of wear including rips, tears, bobbling, fading, shrinkage, or any other type of defect

        • Items with missing or broken parts

        • Items with stains and odours

        • Items that are shrunk, stretched, or altered.

        • Items missing sizing information.

        • Fake items 

        • CDs, DVDs, Vinyl & Computer games should not be scratched and be in their original case

        • Books should not have handwriting inside, with stains, tears and creases on the pages

        Do you accept items for all seasons?

         Absolutely - we love receiving pre-loved items from all times of the year

        Why recycle?

        We love giving peoples' pre-loved items a second home, and our customers love it too. 

        By sending your items to Ocha to recycle, not only are you saving 350, 000 tonnes of unwanted clothes going to landfill, you are helping us turn your items in to much needed funds for our partner charities

        How do I donate my clothes?

        Simply order a free Ocha donation bag here, sort out your unwanted items, pop them in your donation bag and ship them back to us for free.

        You can order your free donation bag HERE.

          Can I donate more than one bag?

          Absolutely, the more bags you want to send us the better.

          Simply select how many donation bags you require at the checkout and we'll get the sent out to you.

          Can I still donate to the original charities?

          Of course. Simply take your items direct to your local partner charity shop where they will be more than happy to accept your items for processing to sell in their shops.

          How much do these charities get from my donation?

          We offer a varying payment per item depending on what the item is. However, we will send up to 45% of the final value amount for your item across to our partner charity 

          Which charity gets the money made from my items?

          That's what's great about Ocha, is you get to select which of our partner charities you would like the proceeds of your items to go to. 

          You simply select the partner charity on the slip you put inside your Ocha bag before sending your items to us.